Does Paper Straws Taste of Anything?

Does Paper Straws Taste of Anything?

Our Paper Straw does not have any flavor or preservatives, its 100% made of paper and there will be no taste that might be can spoil your drinks, even if you drink with plain water u still can taste the plain water without any other taste that can spoil your drinks. This is because our paper straw is made with high quality paper and does not leave your day spoil with any taste of what u concern such as a glue taste and any bad flavor taste

These straws do not become mushy in just few minutes, with the high thickness of paper it does not creating a sense such as when you are trying to enjoy your beverage with your friends and worried it become mushy when you just want to sit and casually talk to your friends. Why? because this paper straw took so long to get soggy in your drinks with the thickness layer and high quality provided. So, user does not need to worried of it will becomes mushy and the taste after its mushy in your drinks.

You will never know until you try it yourself. Let’s others thinking negative about it while you taste it by yourself and experience It on your own, Let’s changed into paper straw now and enjoy your drinks while save our world from trash that cannot be Decomposed.

At Can Jaya we always try to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly and good for the Earth. We are concerned about our Earth as much as you do, thus we produce paper canisters and paper straw as our effort to help reduce pollution and save the environment. Head on down to our site at to explore more about our range of products. Contact us for more details at


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