Paper Straw

  • Change to ‘Can Jaya supplies Paper Straw certified ISO & HACCP

  • Variety of Size – 4.2mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm.
  • Can Jaya offer optional on the packaging – Individual Pack / Canister Pack / Pillow Pack.
  • In order to preserve our earth, Can Jaya would supply the best Paper Straw with high quality, reasonable cost and safe for consumer.
  • Our paper straws suitable for all types of drinks and durable till last sip.

Heavy Metal Analysis Paper Straw
Micobe Analysis - Paper Straw
Straight Cut / Flat End
Angle Cut / Sharp End
Individual Wrap
Printing Individual Wrap
Color Straw

FAQ About Our Paper Straws

No, it does not. We are committed in ensuring that our business does not contribute to the deforestation of the forest as we source from responsible suppliers.

Our paper straw is sufficiently sturdy to serve its purpose for the average duration required to consume your drink.

Our straw will begin to biodegrade in soil from 60 days and a complete degradability achieved in 90 days time

Yes, paper straws are produced from 100% food grade materials and the product is HACCP certified which makes it safe for consumption.

Yes as we only source our papers from various suppliers that fully comply with our paper sourcing guidelines.

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