A Composite Can is essentially a fiber body constructed of paper with one or both ends made of paper, tin, aluminum, or metal. The label can be made up of paper and liner inside of the canister can be made up of aluminum foil. This container also has standards to ensure the safety and quality of food packaging to safeguards consumers.

Paper Can designs are eco-friendly which is paper and can be recyclable with the process. Paper can design or called as label design can develop your unique brand identity to stand out more in the market. Custom composite can with your business brand logo and design not only provides an attractive visual impact, but also enhances personal impact and professionalism. The composite can itself expose the premium looks plus you can see how premium it is when your Composite Can label with your own brand and design. Here, we will explore the advantages of own brand Composite Can and how it can help strengthen your business position in the market.


  1. Increase brand recognition.

By using Composite Can with printing your brand design, it becomes an opportunity to spread your business identity. Every time people eat or use your canister as consumer or they handed to someone else, your brand will steal the show and increase brand recognition.


  1. Marketing opportunities

Marketing opportunities on branding Composite Can to market your business products. This is a creative and effective way to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to return.


  1. Differentiate your brand with competitors

Your brand in Composite Can sets your business apart from the competition. It gives a unique impression that reflects the identity and values of your business. Customers tend to recognize and remember businesses that pay attention to detail and add value to their experience.


At Can Jaya we always to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly and good for the Earth. We are concerned about our Earth as much as you do, thus we produce paper canisters and paper straw as our effort to help reduce pollution and save the environment. Head on down to our site at to explore more about our range of products. 


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