3 Ways To Dispose Of Your Paper Straw

Are paper straws actually recyclable? (And how do we dispose of it)

It’s a known fact that papers are recyclable, but is paper straw recyclable?

Paper straws are recyclable, as long as they are made completely out of paper and isn’t contaminated. Take a look down below where we will be talking about why some paper straws are not accepted to be recycled and different ways you can dispose of them.

Are paper straw biodegradable/compostable

They are biodegradable if they are left in nature for a few weeks. That means that paper straws are also compostable as they break down quick. Though… they are not biodegradable in landfills as landfills are oxygen-free area, that means it prevents everything from decomposing. You should also know that if your paper straws has chemicals that are added to them during manufacturing, it’s probably not good to compost them.


Disposing them the right way

Are you disposing paper straws the right way that is good for the environment?

Burying the paper straw

Burying paper straws is an actual way to dispose of them. When you bury them, they’ll break down by bacteria’s and will biodegrade naturally. Make sure it’s made out of the proper material that is pure paper and isn’t compromised with chemicals and plastic linings.

Composting the paper straws for your plants

It’s not a lot but it can be composted in your garden. They won’t be adding too much nutrients to your soil but at least it’s something good. Again, you always need to make sure it’s made out of pure paper and isn’t contaminated and there’s no plastic inside.

Recycle the paper straw

Recycle them. If your area has a recycling centre or the garbage collection service provides recycling services, be sure to use them. The method works by the reprocessing the paper straws into a new product.


How not to get rid of paper straw

– Do not throw them into the bin. Paper straws that end up in landfills are bad. The straws will end up in an oxygen-free environment and will never biodegrade.

– Don’t throw it in the compost waste bin. Compost collectors usually accepts food products, so having paper straws in there might cause a major problem for them.


Paper straws are one of the best solutions

It’s crystal clear now that paper straws are really good for us and single-use plastics are not. Paper straws are still a single-use product but make no mistake, it is still good for us as long as we know how to properly recycle and dispose of them.


Is there any other alternatives?

Obviously there is. You still have straws that are made out of materials that can be recycled or biodegradable. You can also not use straws at all for that matter actually which makes more sense but you get the satisfaction of drinking from a straw.

We believe that every restaurant should adapt to using paper straws or no straws at all. We agree with the fight against single-use plastics which includes plastic straws. They are a much better alternative as it doesn’t ruin the environment as it is biodegradable. We know a lot of people can’t fully adapt to not drinking from straws at all therefore, drinking with a paper straw is the best solution that is good for everyone. Completely banning straws is not a viable solution as some people still needs it, for example, disabled people sometimes requires a straw to drink as their disability make it hard for them to drink without a straw.

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