5 Reasons Paper Straws Are The Best Biodegradable Straw

We’re glad that a lot of governments from all over the world are beginning to act in and encourage to use Paper Straw.

Paper straws are definitely the best biodegradable alternative that fits to be the alternative. Paper-based biodegradable straws can take only a couple of months or weeks to decompose. Much less damaging means it’s better for the ocean and environment.

Today, we are going to be talking about why paper straws are one of the best biodegradable straws.

Firstly, let’s understand first what is a biodegradable straw.
We are living in an era where being eco-friendly is necessary. Our environment’s current state is basically just bad and we are now trying to be more eco-friendlier, one step at a time starting with using biodegradable straws.

What does biodegradable means actually? It means that… the straw or any biodegradable item breaks down into smaller pieces when they are thrown away. A lot of material does this, even plastics but… we are talking about a more precise biodegradable product that is good for the environment. These green biodegradable products break down into organic materials with the help of bacterias and it does not leave any type of toxins behind which can pollute the earth.

Why Paper Straws are one of the best biodegradable straws

Paper straws are the best biodegradable alternative for the future. Here’s why they are 5 reasons why they are the best biodegradable straw on the market right now.

1.Paper straws are ocean-friendly

Even though we are switching to biodegradable paper straws, it doesn’t mean that it fixes the problems… but we are stopping from adding more into the ocean. Straws that breaks down naturally are a lot better than the ones that don’t. Biodegradable straws like paper straws can prevent our ocean from being polluted with litter.

2.Reduces Microplastics

Everyone knows for plastic , it pollutes the sea and land with microplastic as it breaks down. These particles are then ingested by animals and sea life creatures… thus preventing them from getting proper nourishment.

But… with paper straws, it disappears in just a matter of months or maybe even weeks. Even if it enters the sea, it breaks down fast and it does not cause any harm at all to sea creatures if they’re ingested.

3.It’s Non-Toxic!

That’s right! Paper straws are non-toxic. As we all know, paper straws are made using organic materials which is paper. It does not release any toxic or harmful substances. The paper straw breaks down by having bacterias digest it and it will then return to its organic matter while plastic ones can take thousands of years to decompose. Switching to the paper straw can provide us with a better alternative that is good for the future of the environment.

4.Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Biodegradable paper straws are made from materials that are more environmentally acceptable as it is carbon neutral and does not depend on any non-renewable materials. Not just that but if your company switches to biodegradable paper straws, they’re contributing to combating the climate change issue.

The more we do for our beloved planet the more we are helping ourselves achieve a better tomorrow. Even though paper straws are such a small step, it still makes a big difference. Switch to paper straws today and join to save our Earth.

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