Why companies are now switching to paper packaging

Packaging is just as important as its content. Every part of the packaging is important, as it keeps the content secure during transit/delivery and it makes the unboxing feels complete. Today we are going to be talking about paper packaging and why companies are switching to them.

Filling up the spaces

Paper packagings are often accompanied by paper fillers that can provide a cushion that helps secure the package further from any breakage. Usually, paper packaging is designed to be rigid and strong. 

The previous way of packaging products are harmful to the environment and it does not work that well compared to paper packaging. The paper inside the packaging can provide more cushion to any blows that it gets. The packaging and paper filling is very versatile as it fills up the space and secures the product inside from getting crushed or compromised.

Packaging content is protected

When using paper packaging, it can definitely withstand an incredible amount of weight and pressure as it is designed strategically to be tough. If you incorporate paper-based packaging for your product, you won’t have to worry as much about any breakage. It is highly effective, cost-saving and good for the environment. Not only that but with paper cushioning, your product can be even safer. It can provide extra protection during shipping.

Paper packaging has flexible designs

It’s true. You can customize your own paper packaging according to your preferences. The paper-based packaging is flexible in its design. You can change the layout, shape and style of the product’s packaging. This customizable feature helps you to further display a package’s signature graphic on the packaging itself. 

The design is flexible, so you can create a proper brand packaging that perfectly suits your product. This feature helps you to offer a bigger brand recognition when it’s displayed in stores. This way, you can proudly display your product in stores where you can reach your potential customers. There are absolutely no limits for you to create the best paper packaging possible for your brand. The packaging even will further your efforts in marketing through the fact that it can be displayed in stores. 

It’s also equipped with the ability to ship cooling materials whilst not compromising the contents inside and the integrity of the packaging. It’s designed to have the ability to withstand water thus becoming waterproof and be used to store cooling materials that can last for several uses.

This amazing flexibility is what makes a lot of companies want to switch to paper packaging for plastic-based packaging as it’s affordable, flexible and it’s rigidness.


It’s cheap and affordable. Paper packaging provides you with amazing features while being cost-saving. This cost-saving feature affects the entire distribution operations. The materials to create these packagings are cheap and easily obtainable, which makes it good for saving money and the extra money that was supposed to be spent on packaging can be used elsewhere.

Sustainable paper packaging

What else can we say… paper packagings are very sustainable and good for the environment. It is a renewable resource. It is often recycled therefore, this allows them to be reused. The recycled materials are often used in making new boxes and packaging that can be reused and recycled again which makes it very sustainable for the environment.

We are now basically in an era where being environmentally friendly is necessary. Consumers nowadays are also practising this, therefore the packagings are perfect for the cause. Switching from plastic to paper-based packaging is good for consumers whose preferences are being more environmentally friendly. There are so many people that always do their research nowadays. They will always research about sustainable product packagings and the sustainable brands. They will then end up buying from these sustainable brands.

Satisfying the customers

Customer satisfaction is important as it’s what drives customers to keep on buying the product. Nowadays, a lot of customers are actually opting for better and more eco-friendly packaging material. Their preference is often clearly exhibited where they prefer to buy these environmentally friendlier products, this includes its packaging. By using paper packagings, you are providing customers with the satisfaction they are looking for while also saving the earth at the same time.

Paper packaging can increase presence on social media

Social media is the main thing for marketing nowadays as not a lot of people can go a day without browsing it. Having this social media presence through your consumers is a big thing, it can help spread awareness about your brand. It can reach a bigger market than you can’t even imagine. A lot of social media users will even notice something that is as simple as the packaging material. They will take this into account when they are shouting out your brand. That is why packaging material, design and graphic of your paper packaging is important.

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