5 Ways You Can Reuse Your Paper Packaging

Packaging materials can be found everywhere! Like literally everywhere. It’s usually used for protection and to keep the goods fresh and secure. You have to remember that not all of the packagings are good for the environment. This overflow of packaging is bad for the earth so the best thing to do is to use these paper packaging.

We all know that it’s impossible to get rid of ALL the packaging materials. It’s hard because for certain things, you need to actually wrap it properly to protect it and secure it even further. But… not all packagings are bad for the environment, there are still paper packaging alongside paper stuffing to safely ship the item.

On the brightside, you can actually use these eco-friendly packaging instead of getting rid of packaging altogether. With these paper packaging you can reuse it again a couple more times or make use of it some other way. Below we have listed 5 ways that you can reuse your paper packagings.

Paper packaging can be used for storage

When receiving a paper packaging… do not throw the packaging away! You can still reuse them for what they’re meant to be used for, which is storage or packaging. As long as the packaging is still good… it’s not necessary for you to throw it away when you can still use it. If you have a paper-based packaging like a box, you can use it to store a lot of things. You can keep the box in the attic or in your garage, you never know when these packagings can be of use. Be sure the keep your paper packagings safe from getting wet as it’ll fall apart. If we can reuse these packaging again, we can avoid having to throw them away which could just end up wasting it’s potential!

A new purpose for your paper packaging

We know that paper packagings are generally designed for you send packages or store food and such. But did you know that you can use them again with a different purpose? You definitely can reuse the leftover packagings for something completely different than what it was designed for. You can put cardboard boxes in the attic or garage to store your stuff or you can us a paper canister and make tiny little coin hole at the top and use it as a piggy bank. There’s truly so much you can do with paper packagings. And we’re not only talking about paper packagings, any packaging can actually be repurposed into something new like a glass bottle, you can reuse them again. With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can create something that is just useful for you and your life.

Make someone happy

It might not seem much but something as simple as a paper packaging can definitely bring a smile to someone’s face. Remember, just because it’s not useful for us doesn’t mean it’s not useful for someone else. A lot of of people can benefit from paper packagings because it is just very useful or can be recycled again. A lot of companies are happy to take in your extra paper packagings as they can be reused again or get recycled into something else. Not only recycling companies would take it but even farmers would be happy to take it off your hands! Why? Well it’s because they know that paper packagings can be composted and be used for farming.

Composting for a greener earth

Paper packagings are compostable. Paper packagings are the best solution to our plastic problems. They are sustainable, can be recycled, biodegradable and compostable… how great is that! Even though paper packagings are not amazing at being a compost material, it still does the job and provide you with a greener solution. 

These paper packagings are made out of natural materials. If there’s a lining of plastic or aluminium inside the packaging, you can just rip it out and use the paper parts for composting. All you need to do is just mix them with leftover foods and other compostable natural materials in your compost bin. Afterwards, you can then you use them for gardening as soon as it’s ready. If you don’t have a compost bin, you can always head over to a nursery or a farm and compost it there. We’re sure they wouldn’t mind and would be happy to accept the biodegradable trash.

Getting money for recycling

Everyone can earn a quick money by recycling, did you know that? Bring your paper packaging to a recycling centre and recycle them, they would be really happy that you are contributing to a greener solution and would take it from your friend happily. 

If you have no use for that paper packaging lying around your house, bring it to the centre and recycle them. Why would you keep any paper packaging, if you have no use for them, just get paid for recycling it, a better solution for everyone. Not only are you getting paid to recycle but you are also reducing your carbon footprint.

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