How long do paper straw last ?

Paper straws are completely biodegradable therefore they don’t stay on the earth for
hundreds of years. Instead, you only have to wait a few weeks for them to decompose within the 
soil and they will not biodegrade in a landfill setting which is Landfills are an oxygen-free
environment that are specifically designed to prevent decomposition.

After all, of course we
 wouldn’t want to see a large pile of trash to start decomposing and collapsing on itself

Last but not least even paper straws are not manufactured to be reused. Instead, paper
straws are disposable, and you can buy them in bulk and store them. the shelf life of a paper straw
is very important to considered which is for example, when you keep paper straws stored in bulk,
they will last you for around a years.

However, you have to ensure that you store these straws at a
suitable temperature for optimal results because temperature will guarantee that the integrity of the
 straw remains when you want to use them in future.

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