How to choose the suitable type of canister according to your needs

Choosing the suitable canister depends on the specific purpose you have in mind. Canisters come in various sizes, materials, and designs, each suited for different functions. Here are some brief descriptions for each canister:

  1. A seal membrane canister is an excellent choice if you are looking for a canister to store your food product to prevent air and moisture from entering the container. The product recommended for this type of canister is crackers, potato chips, fish chips, nuts, caramel crisps, wafers, popcorn etc.
  2. An EOE/RCD canister can be used for a wide range of products, including dry food for instance snacks, cereals, baking ingredients, beverage powder as well as healthy food such as multigrain and oat.
  3. A double-layer canister/ deep lid/slipcover canister is a special type of canister that serve as secondary packaging and is designed to store and protect items such as cosmetics, candy, chocolate, nut, and even powder in a sachet. These canisters can be presented attractively and decoratively, making them suitable for gifting purposes.
  4. A shaker lid canister is the perfect choice if you looking for a canister that is designed for storing and dispensing powdered or granulated ingredients.
  5.  A poster tube/scroll certificate canister is a container that is specifically designed to hold and protect certificates, diplomas, scrolls, blueprints, or other important documents. On top of that, this canister is suitable to use as packaging for couriers.
  6. A glue/ grease cartridge canister refers to a container designed to hold and protect glue cartridges, which are cylindrical containers filled with adhesive substances.

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