Is Paper Appropriate For Food Packaging

Is Paper Appropriate for Food Packaging?

Food packaging’s principal roles are to protect food from outside influences and damage, to contain the food, and to provide consumers with ingredient and nutritional information. Thus, food is contained in a cost-effective way that satisfies consumer desires and industry requirements, ensures food safety, and minimizes environmental impact.

The most popular packaging material on the market today is paper. In fact, 47% of the total paper and paperboard produced in 2000 was used for packaging applications. Paper has an “environmentally friendly” tag attached to it, which makes it the first choice for food industries.

The stages of the paper preparation process are:

  1. Pulping

Pulping is the process of separating wood fibres using mechanical, chemical, or thermal treatments from the rest of the raw materials.

  1. Bleaching treatment

This process is intended to improve the whiteness of chemical and mechanical pulp.

  1. Stock preparation

Stock preparation involves the mechanical treatment of pulp for its conversion into a sheet on a paper machine.

  1. Beating and refining

This process uses a beating machine. Some fillers and chemicals are added to affect the quality of the final product, such as clay, chalk, and titanium oxide. The process is designed to increase the surface area, water holding capacity, and bonding opportunities for fibres.

  1. Papermaking

uses three different methods in the papermaking process: the fourdrinier machine, the cylinder machine, and twin wire formers.

  1. Final treatments

Treatment for calendaring, supercalendering, sizing, laminating, impregnating, or saturating the developed paper as per the requirements of the industry or the product to be packed.

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