The Best Airtight Paper Canister or Composite Can

The Best Airtight Paper Canister or Composite Can

Do you have a hard time keeping your food product crunchy over multiple months? And did you know paper canisters help food products withstand crispness longer? This is the reason why paper canisters are the preferred packaging choice for brands. Choosing the perfect way for food packaging

  1. The canisters are cheaper per serving.

Paper canisters are preferred for packaging high-quality products and are safer for daily consumption because the price is less than other options. A quality paper canister can last up to 18 months before packing. This attribute makes them ideal for food manufacturers who want to maintain food quality.

  1. Paper canisters do not require any preservatives.

Paper canister packaging is a barrier to pests, humidity, and direct water due to the inherited nature of the canister. The packaging is free of preservatives and safe for the foods.

  1. Easily packed with a variety of materials and products.

Such powders can be challenging because of their density and moisture. Canisters could help food product manufacturers in this situation, as the product will be fillable while maintaining product protection from the environment.


The design of a paper canister is not only the best airtight packaging for food manufacturers. The designs also give more benefits, such as cheaper prices per serving, the fact that the paper canisters do not require any preservatives, and the fact that they can be easily packed with a variety of materials and products. While still maintaining the benefits of the packaging being environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

At Can Jaya we always try to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly and good for the Earth. We are concerned about our Earth as much as you do, thus we produce paper canisters and paper straw as our effort to help reduce pollution and save the environment. Head on down to our site at to explore more about our range of products. Contact us for more details at


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