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Can Jaya provide products which is re-closeable, high customizable paper canister for huge range of product needs. Round rigid paper packaging made from multiple materials offers fews benefits. With a wide array of sizes, materials, opening top, seaming end, and label feature options. We follow the request of yours customers’ preferences and ensure the product be perfect. Nowadays, a well-design packaging for a products is the greatest tool to engage the market. Packaging should be valued more on portability, attractiveness, environmental friendly (Eco-green) and low costing.


We all love to snack, whether we having the snack alone or have a quick bite with group of friends. Little snack could stave off hunger while you’re on the go. Packaging of snack is the first option of consumers, the portability of product will be more engaging to busy consumers who are on short time and require an easy and intuitive solution. Your customers will have a positive brand experience on your products and become repeat buyers. Different kind of food should deserve a safety, portable and durable packaging yet being unique. Can Jaya paper canister provide different sizes your individual needs 201.5” / 206” / 211” / 300” / 307” / 401” / 502” / 603”. Height is between 85mm – 260mm (as customer request). Individualized labelling for product presentation / sales promotion. Full range of innovative, high-quality materials, labelling and finishing techniques.

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