How to Dispose Paper Straw?

How to Dispose Paper Straw?

Let’s Do This!

– Burying the Paper Straw

The paper straw can bury into the ground directly. By this process, it will decompose instantly and will naturally biodegrade. Just to make sure, the paper straw shouldn’t have any toxic chemical and it’s made by 100% Paper.

– Composting the Paper Straw for your Plants

 Paper straws are biodegradable and are very eco-friendly which makes them the best alternative. Such as to use for your Garden Plants. Even though it will not have much of nutrient for your soil. But, again to make sure the goods is clear from any chemical & toxics. 

– Recycle the Paper Straw

As it is product by paper, surely it’s recyclable. Allocate and segregate the paper straw accordingly and throw into the recycle bin/area.  

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