Why Composite Can ?

Composite Can and also known as Paper Canister Packaging is a cylindrical container that normally used to store dry snacks such as crackers, or chips. To produce canister cans, the body is spirally wounded to the paper body. There are several factors as to why composite cans are chosen to be the packaging for certain products.

Food safety – Using paper composite canister to preserve food quality and every nutritional value of food.

Accessibility – The design of packaging often follows customer’s accessibility and usage. Thus, the design of canisters is seen as accessible to customers and is seen as hand-friendly.

Variation – A lot of people think that paper canister packaging is just for dry product, believe it or not they can also be used as grease oil packaging. Other than that, paper canisters are also widely used in F&B and pharmaceutical industry.

Lightweight – Another important aspect to packaging is of course on the weight itself. Paper canisters are lightweight due to the materials used for the making. Although it is lightweight, it is multi layered and have a high strength to hold the weight of the products in it.

Eco-friendly – As it is made of paper, of course it is also eco-friendly. The materials and the components of the paper canister is recyclable.

At Can Jaya we are concerned about our Earth as much as you are, thus we produce paper canisters and another paper ranged product which is paper straw as our effort to reduce pollution and save the environment. Head on down to our site at www.canjaya.com.my to explore more about our range of products. Contact us for more details at www.linktr.ee/canjaya.


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