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Is Paper Appropriate For Food Packaging

Is Paper Appropriate for Food Packaging? Food packaging’s principal roles are to protect food from outside influences and damage, to contain the food, and to provide consumers with ingredient and nutritional information. Thus, food is contained in a cost-effective way that satisfies consumer desires and industry requirements, ensures food safety,…

Sustainability Talk

Sustainability talk Did you notice that the topic everyone has been talking about for some period of time is on sustainability? First of all, what is sustainability? In the broadest sense, sustainability refers to the capability to sustain or support a process continuously over time. It aims to prevent the…

Paper Straw Do & Don’t

Paper Straw Do & Don’t Do Do think of Paper Straw Do request Paper Straw for your drink Do use gently and do not Rush Do Smile enjoying your drink Don’t Don’t Drink without Paper Straw Don’t Press Paper Straw Don’t Bite Paper Straw Don’t Bent Paper Straw Don’t use…

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